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During these top escape room games you will experience surprise, excitement, paranormal atmosphere and great effects. To leave the room in time you need common sense and teamwork skills. You have only 60 minutes to solve and accomplish all tasks! The entire room is video-monitored all game long and you can get advice via walkie-talkie if you do not know how to continue. The escape game is suitable for a group of 2 to 6 people.


You have the choice of the following escape room games:


The Haunted House 1 – The mother’s tragic death, a lifeless body of the father. The 6-year-old daughter has never been found. No wonder that no-one has entered this house for 40 years since the tragedy happened. Your task is to find out what happened at that time.


The Haunted House 2 – Inexplicable events have happened at this location. Will you succeed in proving the revolutionary scientific discovery or will the Poltergeist Project be a terrible deadly trap for your team?


Medieval Dungeon – You are now waiting for your capital punishment sentence to be carried out, i.e. death by fire because you allegedly made a very serious crime. Will you spend your last moments in prison or will you prove your abilities and escape from the clutches of a strange sect thanks to your teamwork?


Mysterious Office – Your team is in an office at the beginning of the 20th century. Although this room looks quite normal at the first sight, it turns out to be an unusual room of an unusual person. Can you reveal the secrets hidden in this room?


  • 1,5 hours

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