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Treasure Hunt tests not only your sense of direction, the ability to communicate and think logically, but you can also discover the most beautiful streets and places in Prague. Moreover, it’s a lot of fun. Our guide will pick you up from your accommodation and accompany you to the city centre. Our instructors will explain the rules of the game and give you all the necessary game equipment (a city map, a backpack full of tasks). Start your adventurous mission which needs to be completed within a time limit (4 hours). Step by step you have to solve individual tasks, riddles and puzzles by using your logic, ingenuity, intelligence and common sense. You will have to overcome interesting obstacles, move from one place to another one and get to know Prague from a different angle. You need only your legs, brain and the interest to play outdoor games. We will show you Prague like you have never seen it before!


  • 4,5 hours

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